Inkjet Vs. Laser

Posted on 04.04.13

The Guardian has recently published an article on their website comparing the merits of inkjet and laser printers, with an emphasis on home use, rather than for businesses.  It explains how when home printing took off three decades ago, the market was almost completely filled with inkjets, which are generally cheaper to buy than laser printers, and more compact.  However, in the last few years the changing technology inside laser printers has enabled them to become much cheaper, (with some smaller models being sold for below £100), and more compact, meaning that now many models can now fit on a desktop.

Patrick Stead, head of cartridge recycling company Environmental Business Products says that the inkjet or laser decision should be based on how many pages you will be printing.  “Laser can be better value over the longer term, but the initial outlay can be a lot more”.  Quick calculations indicate that if you are only going to print an average of 1000 pages per year (with 5% coverage per page), then  it is best to go with an inkjet, but if you’re going to be printing 2000 or more, a laser printer will be better value for money in the long run.

A good way to save money if you do go for a laser printer is to buy remanufactured cartridges, such as the ones supplied by Xinia.  These kinds of cartridges are generally 30-50% cheaper than original OEM equivalents, but be sure to buy from an approved company to avoid faulty products.  Xinia Chairman Peter Thompson said on the subject: “Properly remanufactured laser cartridges are excellent value. But some producers find ways to cut corners, which can result in leakage and sometimes uneven printing. Try to buy from a reputable seller”.

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