About Us

As the largest sales division of the PBTI group, Xinia benefits from the expertise of its founders in electrographic applications of particulate science. PBTI has successfully developed many print cartridge reconditioning processes including innovative sealing products, licensing its technology in Europe, in the USA, in Japan and in India.

As a supplier to global OEM companies, PBTI developed a strong technical infrastructure and has maintained its tradition of innovation. Recent developments will result in further patent applications for its new colour cartridge programme.

The Xinia brand is increasing in popularity in the UK, with many of Britain’s major companies and government departments - as well as prestigious colleges of education, benefiting from the cost saving advantages of Xinia replacement cartridges.

For the end user, Xinia usually represents significant savings when compared with OEM cartridges. The considerable R and D investment means products are available to satisfy the most discerning user. For the trade buyer, Xinia simply means repeat business and fewer customer complaints. Xinia Quality, Product Support and Customer Service are confidence-building pluses.

For the environment, Xinia cartridges are an alternative to endless destruction of earth-resources. Each year Xinia products put 200,000 kilos of plastics and metals back into use, saving them from land-fill. Due to the low energy requirement of our reconditioning process, the savings are much greater even than companies melting down and recycling the materials.

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